Port of Kissamos

Ferry Routes and Cruises
(Kissamos, Crete, Greece)

The port of Kissamos offers several ferry routes to the surrounding islands, operated by ANEN Line, a Greek-owned shipping company. There is also a car ferry, Myrtidiotissa, which provides services to nearby Crete destinations five times a week.

Kissamos to Antikithira

ANEN Lines and Myrtidiotissa Car Ferry operate services several times daily on this route. The journey takes about 2 hours.

he port of Antikithira is not very big, but it has restaurants and telephones.

Kissamos to Kithira Ferry Services

It takes approximately 4 hours to get from Kissamos Port to the docks of Kithira, with services operated by both ANEN Line and Myrtidiotissa Car Ferry. However, there are faster services on certain days. It is always advisable to get to the port early if you intend to take your vehicle onto the ferry. The port is located in the southern part of the small island of Kithira. Kithira's port is very small with limited facilities.

Kissamos to Githio Ferry Services

There are several operations serving this route during the week, run by ANEN Line and Myrtidiotissa Car Ferry. The trip takes approximately 7 hours and the sea can be quite rough depending on the month. Githio is a very small town and as such, the port is small with very few facilities. However, the town is located fairly close to the port and most amenities can be found there.

Kissamos to Kalamata Ferry Services

Crossings take about 10 hours from Kissamos to Kalamata. During the off-peak season, the ferry services are cut and it is best to check with the agents prior to planning your trip. The port at Kalamata is not very big, but it does provide basic amenities like a small café, telephones and public toilets.

Kissamos Port

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